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9 Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Moscow, Russia, T.: +7 495 252 55 55
La Cioccolateria

Next to the hotel entrance on the ground floor, you will find our chocolate boutique called La Cioccolateria. Here, in an interior decorated with a mosaic of chocolate, cream and gold shades, we create truly unique chocolates and desserts. All suppliers – small but proven cocoa plantations in Central America and Asia – are personally selected by Chief Chocolatier Wielfried Andre Hauwel, which allows us to monitor the quality of the product from the moment the cocoa beans are planted to the final work of chocolate art. Unique sweets and desserts, limited seasonal chocolate collections and original flavor combinations with the best ingredients like Piedmontese hazelnuts are the trademark of La Cioccolateria.

Pastry Chef Wielfried André Hauwel

Meet Wielfried André Hauwel, the visionary Pastry Chef behind La Cioccolateria. Embarking on his culinary journey in 1998 in Paris, Wielfried perfected his art in various patisseries, including alongside the famous chocolatier Franck Fresson.
Armed with 11 years of professional expertise and a professorial degree from a leading university in the Lorraine region, Wielfried takes chocolate to new heights. As the former Director of Research and New Technologies at “LeNotre” bakery in central Paris, he crafted a unique chocolate-making method, free from water molecules.
Now, Wielfried brings his innovative touch to the La Cioccolateria boutique at the Stella di Mosca hotel. Indulge in his creations – a symphony of flavors and textures that redefine chocolate.

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IL Ristorante
Italian haute cuisine restaurant IL Ristorante is situated on the hotel’s ground floor, featuring a convenient entrance directly from Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. Executive Chef Manuel Pisu is dedicated to using high-quality seasonal ingredients, reimagining traditional Italian dishes in gourmet format. Among the menu’s highlights are the traditional Sardinian fregola sarda pasta, Catalan crab, Chianti cheeks presented in an elegant contemporary manner, and the emblematic dish of Piedmontese cuisine, vitello tonnato – tender veal in a sauce made with bluefin tuna, capers, and anchovies.
The Spa by Anne Semonin
This exclusive spa area spanning 1400 square metres seamlessly blends a variety of relaxation and rejuvenation zones. It features a 25-metre pool adorned with green and gold mosaic, a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, and a Roman steam room. Our modern fitness room, surrounded by panoramic glass panels, is equipped with the latest TechnoGym exercise equipment. Guests also have access to a dedicated yoga and pilates room.
Swimming pool
The 25-metre pool is the gem of the Spa space. It is decorated with green and gold mosaic, and the massive columns along the side are lined with dark green marble from Guatemala. Along the perimeter of the pool there are soft double sun loungers with canopies – for relaxing after swimming. Adjacent to the pool, discover mosaic-clad jacuzzi and a refreshing cold plunge pool. Immerse yourself in the ultimate spa experience with a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, a Roman steam room, and an ice fountain—all meticulously designed for your relaxation and rejuvenation.