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Deluxe Room

These elegant 45 to 51-square-metre rooms are a true example of the modern understated luxury: bespoke Italian furniture, handwoven carpets made of wild silk, glamorous bathroom interior panels and leather minibars.

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Junior Suite
These beautifully proportioned 51 to 63-square-metre junior suites are divided into two areas – bedroom and living room with bespoke Italian furniture. Dressing rooms include large mirrors and silk wallpaper, bathrooms are lined with granite and onyx, and instead of standard minibars – lacquered cabinets with inlay.
Superior Room
Twelve 37 to 43-square-metre rooms furnished with bespoke Italian furniture impress by the variety of materials and textures: wild silk wallpaper, hardwood floors, leather bed heads, baths lined with black African granite. Each room has a coffee machine, yoga mat, Roman shower, signature minibar in a leather chest, light wood dressing room and phone chargers built into the bedside tables.
Deluxe Suite
Eight two-bedroom Suites each from 72 to 98-square-metre include luxury bedroom, spacious bathroom decorated in onyx and African granite, living room with a separate dining zone, coffee table, Italian furniture and specially designed bookcase with books selection to please any sophisticated traveler.