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Meeting room

The 30-square-metre meeting room, hidden behind the library in a quiet corner, features an oval table that comfortably seats 10 people. Completely enveloped in dark lacquered wood, the room is bathed in soft light streaming from the tall French window overlooking the hotel’s inner courtyard. Equipped with all the essentials for video conferences, including a 4K resolution, 82-inch screen, and a video camera, this space provides a secluded yet technologically advanced setting for meetings.

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    IL Ristorante
    Italian haute cuisine restaurant IL Ristorante is situated on the hotel’s ground floor, featuring a convenient entrance directly from Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. Executive Chef Manuel Pisu is dedicated to using high-quality seasonal ingredients, reimagining traditional Italian dishes in gourmet format. Among the menu’s highlights are the traditional Sardinian fregola sarda pasta, Catalan crab, Chianti cheeks presented in an elegant contemporary manner, and the emblematic dish of Piedmontese cuisine, vitello tonnato – tender veal in a sauce made with bluefin tuna, capers, and anchovies.
    The elegant ballroom on the hotel’s first floor spans 132 square metres and features its own foyer for guest gatherings and welcome cocktails. The walls of this expansive and well-lit hall, adorned with acoustic oak panels, create a luxurious ambiance. With round table seating, the hall accommodates up to 60 guests for banquets. Additionally, with the use of a special partition, the space can be divided into two smaller functional rooms.
    Private dining
    The luxurious chamber hall is perfect for small family celebrations or memorable dinners with close friends. A long table under an elegant chandelier with 16 candles can comfortably accommodate 10 people. One of the walls is adorned with patinated mirrors that multiply the space, creating a captivating effect. On the opposite side, hand-painted De Gournay wallpapers, featuring a substrate of burnished gold, add an exquisite touch to the space.

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